ZWELL Die&Mold Steel

• hot forged special steel blocks and round bars(hot work tool steel, plastic mold steel, etc. ) • annealed/normalized & tempered/quenched & tempered delivery condition • black/milled/rough turned surface

Products Details

Grade Replace Grade Application
  • AISI H11
  • Groditz 1.2343 VICTORY ESR
  • Hot extrusion mold;
  • High polished plastic mold, such as the lamp mold;
  • Cold / hot shear fins, wear resistance, etc.
  • AISI H13
  • Groditz 1.2344 VICTORY ESR
  • Die-casting die
  • Hot extrusion mold
  • Forging mold, cold / hot shear fins, and wear resistance parts
  • Groditz1.2367VICTORYESR
  • Better isotropy and high temperature strength than traditional H13,
  • Suitable for die-casting molds with higher quality requirements and  thickness>350mm
  • ASSAB 8418
  • Higher impact toughness and hardenability than 1.2344,
  • Suitable for complex shape, long life, and large die-casting molds
  • GB/T 1299 5CrNiMo
  • Suitable for complex shapes, large impact load,
  • low working temperature, >400mm medium-sized hammer forging die
  • fins cutting mold
  • AISI L6
  • W-Nr 1.2714
  • Hot forged mold
  • Large injection mold
  • Enhanced plastic mold
  • Pressure shaft, buckle ring
  • Shield tunneling machine cutter
  • Enhanced plastic mold
  • High toughness cold working die
Located in Tangshan, Hebei, China, ZWell was invested by Jianlong Group with all main forged special steel equipment imported from developed countries. Adheres Jianlong Group Spirit ‘To Strive Only for the Best, and to Start from the Small’, ZWell is committed to being the forged special steel manufacturing base leading the domestic, facing the world.Annual capacity of 80000 tons of forged special steel products. ZWell forged special steel is widely used in automobile, machinery, metallurgy, energy, household appliances and other major industries.The quality of the main forged special steel products has reached the quality requirements of foreign advanced products.With advanced production equipment and strong technical support from Jianlong Group, ZWell forged special steel products’ heat treatment and surface quality and other technical indicators are of leading level in the domestic industry. ZWell main forged products include: forged steel grinding ball, forged die& mold steel, forged alloy structural steel and forged special steel forgings.The size range of forged steel round bar is 120-1200mm.The largest width of forged steel blocks can reach to 1550mm. Supply customized forgings according to drawings. Contact ZWell to get the best price of ZWell die & mold steel.

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