zwq forged steel balls for sag mills

According to the analysis of service condition of steel balls for large and medium-sized grinding mills at home and abroad, by using grinding steel Jianlong Beiman, the expert team developed wear-resistant steel producing process for the production of large diameter forged steel balls.

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7.80~7.85G/CM³ZWQ large diameter forged steel balls are applicable to semi-autogenous grinding mills in all kinds of mines.Still picking steel balls with low grinding consumption for the SAG-Ball Mill grinding process? ZWell can produce and customize various diameter grinding ball for the SAG-Ball Mill grinding process. The SAG (semi-autogenous grinding mill) is a grinding equipment with two functions: crushing and grinding. In addition to the crushed material itself as the grinding medium, large size steel ball is added. SAG mill can directly add large specifications of mineral particles.SAG mills have very wide application range, which expanded from the processing of non-metallic ore to ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal ore such as copper ore, molybdenum ore, lead and zinc ore and rare metal ore. The ball mill is characterized by strong adaptability to materials, and can adapt to various kinds of material grinding, such as hard, soft, brittle, tough materials, etc.Besides, the crushing ratio of ball mill is large, which could reach more than 300(e.g. grinding the material of 25-40mm to below 1.5-0.07mm), and that make the product fineness is relatively stable, and easy to adjust. The ball mill can also be operated under a variety of conditions, both dry and wet operation. The ball mill structure is simple and firm, easy to operate and maintain. In addition, it also has a very good sealing. The SAG-Ball Mill grinding process is widely used in ore mining. This process integrates the advantages of SAG mill and ball mill, and gain good flexibility and strong adaptability, is suitable for a variety of ore grinding. ZWell customize different size of grinding balls for the SAG-Ball Mill grinding process. Based on the R&D achievements and experience of Jianglong Group’s production of wear-resistant steel round bars for grinding balls, Jianlong Beiman steel round bars for example, and the grinding ball using experience of Jianlong Group’s mines, using advanced automatic steel ball production lines, and CNAS certified testing center, ZWell can customize the grinding steel balls suitable for various types of SAG-ball mill grinding process, helping clients save energy and improve production, reduce cost and increase efficiency. Contact ZWell and get more.
ZWQ Forged Balls for SAG Mills Φ100 Φ100 +4/-3 ≥ 18 ≥ 13000
Φ110 Φ120 Φ125 Φ110 Φ120 Φ125 +4/-3 +4/-3 ≥ 18 ≥ 20000 58~64
Φ130 Φ130 +5/-4 ≥ 20 ≥ 20000 57~64
Φ140 Φ140 +5/-4
Φ150 Φ150 +5/-4 ≥ 20 55~64
Density 7.80-7.85g/cm³
Surface Hardness(HRC) ≥60
Core Hardnes(HRC) ≥57
Impact Ak ≥12J/㎝²
Falling Impact Test (test per batch)10m ≥10000times
  • high quality material ensure ZWQ forged grinding balls have superior performance of surface quality, impact resistance, toughness and wear resistance than casting balls
  • low breakage rate and low circle loss rate

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